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Beauty and functionality. That’s what customers look for in the garage doors for their homes and businesses. And that is what Exclusive Garage Door Service has proudly provided to the Los Angeles, CA community for years. We offer a wide variety of residential and commercial garage door services, including emergency repair services and installation of all garage door types. Our friendly, knowledgeable garage door technicians will help you with any of your needs, and we offer competitive rates. 

A garage door is an important gateway to your home or business, and as such must be both attractive and secure. We are committed to the proper installation to ensure your safety, and to helping you choose the door that best fits the design of your building. Our customers trust our skilled staff with all their garage door needs.

Our Professional Staff

The technicians at Exclusive Garage Door Service are experts in their field who are committed to providing excellent service. We take pride in hiring only skilled journeyman dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. Some companies across Los Angeles, CA hire less qualified or less experienced carpenters, but we know investing in a talented pool of technicians pays off by ensuring jobs are done right the first time, and our clients are happy with the service. All members of the Exclusive Garage Door Service crew are trained to handle any garage door repair or maintenance issue.

Some homeowners attempt to fix garage doors on their own, which can actually lead to further problems. Many doors are more complicated than they look, and require the skills and tools only an experienced repairman can offer. Our technicians are trained to work on a wide variety of garage doors and offer expert diagnosis and repair. No matter what kind of problem you are experiencing, trust the staff at Exclusive Garage Door Service to find the solution.

Ready for Anything

We will arrive at your home or commercial property prepared to handle any problem with your garage door. Our technicians are trained and equipped with the tools to complete any project. We offer a wide assortment of auxiliary garage door parts and garage door lift mechanisms, along with the typical garage door accessories. Exclusive Garage Door Service keeps a full stock of items such as brackets and door struts, as well as remotes, receivers, and monitors. Rest assured, we’ll arrive with everything we need to keep your garage door in great shape.

Here at Exclusive Garage Door Service, we know that accidents and malfunctions happen, and we have seen it all. If you’ve damaged your garage door or it’s not working properly, we will respond anytime of the day or night and anywhere, be it northern side or eastern side of the Los Angeles, CA to make sure you’re safe.

Sooner or later, most garage doors experience some type of problem, so we are vigilant about making sure all locks are in good working order. In addition, we can create emergency keys if you accidentally lock yourself out and can’t get to your vehicles or other belongings. Don’t risk damaging your garage door or your possessions by trying to get in yourself. Trust our experts to quickly help you gain entry to your garage in any emergency situation.

We Provide 24 Hours Garage Door Service in the following zip codes.

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